Twin Dragon East Kickboxing - KIDS

Twin Dragon East Kickboxing – KIDS

KIDS Classes are for children age of 5-15

We train the children using a set curriculum and structure which allows them to learn discipline, respect, and most importantly confidence in themselves.

How can I get my child started?

Simply bring your child, wearing regular workout clothing, to either of the class times based on their age. There is no cost to try it out. We want to make sure your children love the class before any commitments are made. If you’re not sure after the first class, et them try it again with no obligations. When they do arrive, one of our instructors will teach them the basics so that they can follow along with the rest of the class.
Once they are ready, we let them join in on the fun with the rest of the class.

What equipment do we need?

None. Twin Dragon East Kickboxing will provide everything that your child needs to start the program. Purchasing equipment is optional.
For children who are competitive, and have their parents support, Twin Dragon East Kickboxing has a multitude of options which would allow the kids to compete locally, provincially and nationally. When junior fighters come along, they get extra attention outside of regular classes so that their desire to compete does not negatively impact the kids that are just having fun..

For more about KIDS Classes visit our Schedule page.

If you have any questions or concerns that we have not answered simply click here to write us a quick email.